"So exhilarating has been the beauty of my journey in the realms of music, that the destination is no longer important"
- Anupama Bhagwat

Anupama Bhagwat, sitar musician nonpareil, has carved a niche in Indian Classical Music with a versatile & eclectic style. Acclaimed world-wide with a repertoire of global performances since 1995, her sensitivity and erudition has taken her to the highest echelons of the modern genre. 

One of the leading disciples of Pandit Shri Bimalendu Mukherjee, doyen of the Imdadkhani Gharana, Anupama's style is characterized by scintillating fast taans, mastery of the meditative alaap, and brilliant fluency of melody (raaga-bhava), while remaining true to tradition. (Read More)

Anupama Bhagwat Playing Sitar

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  • When Anupama began her recital, my interest started piquing. It was after a long time that I was hearing a female instrumentalist playing with such commitment and dedication. I was pleasantly surprised to hear her.
    — Amjad Ali Khan (The King of Strings)
  • My father, Pandit Bimalendu Mukherjee, taught many students. One notable mention would be Shrimati Anupama Bhagwat, who has been performing all over the world.
    — Pandit Budhaditya Mukherjee (TOI)
  • Anupama Bhagwat is regarded as one of the finest, most innovative of players. It’s music that flows through you like a seemingly endless range of peaks – a Himalaya of mind and music that suspends all outside distractions, preoccupations and the conventional flow of time.
    — Tim Cumming (The Arts Desk)
  • She was as fluent at alap as the all-too-frequently undervalued (or marginalised), rhythmically unmetered jor movement. She has an evident gift for tān phraseology – tāns being musical figures kin to Western arpeggio.
    — Ken Hunt (Pulse Connects)



  • First place in the All India Radio Music Competition (1994),

  • HRD Scholarship from the Government of India (1993-1996). 

  • Conferred the title 'Surmani' by the Sur Shringar Sansad in 1995.

  • Part of world music performances such as Global Rhythms and Shanti.

  • Anupama has received grants in 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2008, from the Ohio Arts Council (USA).

By Anupama Bhagwat, V.K. Raman